Actor Kim Bum has shown off his power as a Hallyu star by recording over 2,590,000 Facebook likes in just under 10 days!

According to Kim Bum’s agency, he set up his official Facebook page on April 17th, and as of the 27th, he currently has 2.59 million likes. ”Fans from over 20 different countries including Indonesia, the U.S., Singapore, Mexico, France, and others have come together,” his agency stated.

They continued, “Social network ranking site, Fame Count, currently has him ranked in the top five alongside Lee Min Ho and Ashton Kutcher. Because it hasn’t been that long since Kim Bum’s Facebook officially opened, it isn’t an official ranking on Fame Count as of yet.”

Kim Bum’s extremely surprised over the influx of Facebook friends. We feel that it’s because he’s broadened his worth as a Hallyu star through not only his drama activities, but Asian fan tours and fan meetings, and consistent communication with his international fans.”

Through his Facebook, Kim Bum wrote, “I made an official Facebook page to hopefully get closer with my fans all over the world. I’ll make sure to update frequently with fun sides of me and quick news.”

Source: Star News via Nate, Kim Bum’s Facebook